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2015 Running Calendar

Posted on April 22 2015

I have set a few goals that I would like to achieve in 2015.

  1. Run my first marathon.
  2. Run 3 marathons.
  3. Run an ultra-marathon.
  4. Run a sub-3:45 marathon.

It is tempting to compete every month, or every weekend like some people I know. But in order to achieve these 4 goals, I have to be picky and thus I have chosen races that I would like to compete this year. It is not going to be hectic but I have to make sure that every race counts. Below is my running schedule of 2015.

Specialized Duathlon – Duathlon (8th March 2015)

Since I buy myself a bike, I get side-tracked from my goals. It is because cycling is so much fun. You can read my race report of the event at here.

Borneo International Marathon – Full Marathon (3rd May 2015)

This was where I first ran Half-Marathon last year, and this is also where I will run my first Full Marathon. The course will be the same as last year and it is going to be hard. This is due to the two big climbs at UMS, and rolling hills toward Sepangar. It will also be extremely hot and humid. To prepare myself for this, I sign up for a training plan from RunKeeper. Due to family, career and other commitments, I will only complete half of the plan. The race is only a bit more than one week away and you can say that I am well under-prepared. But that is not an excuse. I have to be accountable. I have seen friends who run faster 10k’s and half-marathons but struggle to finish a full marathon in decent time. People say there will be a ‘Wall’. To be honest, I have never met the ‘Wall’ yet because I have never run more than 25 kilometres in my life, ever. This worries me a lot. If there is a wall, I will certainly experience it during the race day itself. Despite my lack of commitment, I am still targeting to finish my first full marathon in 4:00 hours. 5:40/km pace for the whole 42.2 kilometres and I will be safe. Extremely difficult, but achievable. Oh, I have to run a bit faster actually because I will have to stop for Fajr prayer in the middle of the race. There will be friends from Labuan Running Club and it is going to be fun.

Hasuu Tasu Night Run – 28km Trail (13th June 2015)

This is an event that I wish not to run, but I have to. This is going to be a part of preparation to run TMBT100 in August. The route will be the same as last year’s Hasuu Tasu. But instead of flag-off at 7:00am, the flag-off will be at 5:30pm. So I will be roaming around kampungs almost entirely during the dark. This is going to be a test of bravery. I will have to face my fear of dogs and darkness, and maybe snakes.

TMBT100 – 100km Trail (29th-30th August 2015)

What was I thinking? After finishing last year’s Hasuu Tasu, I got really pumped up and infatuated with ultra trail running, and my destination was Chamonix. As soon as 2015 TMBT registration opened, I signed up for 100 kilometres run thick at the foot of Mount Kinabalu with a cut-off time of 30 hours. I have never run more than 25 kilometres, I have not run a full marathon yet, yet I had the guts to sign up for one of the most gruesome running events in Malaysia. I was not thinking straight. It will be dark, damp, wet, cold, and the elevation will be insane. But what I fear the most are running at night alone in the jungle, wild creatures and of course dogs. I just want to complete this within the cut off time.

Putrajaya Night Marathon – Full Marathon (24th October 2015)

I have always run the more glamorous Standard Chartered KL Marathon. But since KL Marathon is only about one month after the grueling TMBT100, I decide to skip this year KL Marathon and run Putrajaya Night Marathon instead. This makes more sense as there will be less people, the temperature will be a little bit colder since it is at night, and the route will be less polluted as well. And I won’t have to stop to pray as the race will be after Maghrib. I will most probably start my training to achieve the year’s ultimate goal after TMBT100. There won’t be enough time recover and complete the training before the race. Therefore, I will incorporate this race as a part of my training. I still set a target to finish the race in 3:50 though.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – Full Marathon (December 2015)

It is either between Penang Bridge Marathon or Singapore Marathon. Both courses are mainly flat, ideal for a fast marathon. Although the date is not confirmed yet, I choose to run Singapore Marathon due to the fact that it will be in December, my birth month, and the 16-week training plan is scheduled to complete in December. This is going to be my first time running overseas too, and hopefully it is where I will achieve my ultimate goal in 2015. If I fail this, I won’t have a second chance.

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