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6 Runners.

Posted on November 09 2010

They all ran the same hills, the same workouts, the same races.

And yet each and everyone of them took something different from it.

“Three words : Training for Hawaii.”

It’s about forgetting the past, it’s about throwing away all the expectations and fears. It’s about getting out there and putting everything you have into one race – whether it’s a mile, or 6.2. It’s about pushing your body to its complete and utter limits just for the pleasure of lying at the finish line, covered in sweat and thinking to yourself “I did it”.

“Iono if i’m one of the ppl you are referring to, but just want to point out that this quote is the essence of all of our friendships. We all are at different places, different stages in our lives but its our determination to stay together, and keep in touch that makes us not only friends but a family.

See you all very soon and much love from the east coast!”

It’s about more than running – it’s about life. It’s about putting 110% into everything you do, it’s about never giving up when you have the chance to. It’s about doing it because you want to, not because you have to. It’s about fighting all odds and putting in the work day in and day out because it’s everything you want. It’s about being more than a group of people or friends, it’s about being a family and being there for each other in times of need.

“it means that nothing–nothing, in life is guaranteed.”

It’s about not taking life for granted, it’s about taking every opportunity that life gives you by the balls. It’s about not giving up because it’s “too hard”. It’s about making yourself better for yourself. It’s about never counting yourself out of a race because races are run on trails, not on paper.

“means the difference between 45 and 46 pts”

It’s about never being satisfied. It’s about always wanting more, wanting faster and harder, wanting to suffer for the glory. It’s about pushing through the pain for the sweetness of victory. It’s about seeing that victory goes further than the scoreboard – that victory is about overcoming obstacles that are in the way of what you truly want. It’s about being there for your team in victory and in defeat. It’s about going for the extra second just because you can. It’s about destroying your body, mind, and soul just to reach that damn finish line and putting off dying until you cross it.

“Means no guts, no glory.”

It’s about not being afraid of defeat, of pain. It’s about squeezing every ounce of energy out of your body. It’s about being crazy. It’s about running 12 miles because you feel like it. It’s about going hard on each and every interval to get the one that doesn’t count.

“Means that with the right drive you can be what you want to be and do what you want to do. Determination and heart can take one to levels that he never expected to reach”

It’s about standing at the fork of two trails – one short and easy and the other long and grueling. It’s about thinking about how much your legs hurt, how much you ate before, how thirsty you are, how hot it is outside, how the easy trail won’t hurt, how steep the hill is, how tired you’ll be afterwards, how you could be sitting on a beach doing nothing instead, how everyone else sitting at home has no idea how much pain you’re in, how hard your workout was the day before, how the sooner you finish the sooner you’ll get to watch TV again, how everyone else took the easy path – then saying “fuck it.” and following your heart.

Woh Bundy.

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