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9/29/08 – Powerpole Intervals at Rancho San Antonio

Posted on September 30 2008

Start in parking lot, run to fire trail until the gate. Run up the hill until the first tree, then start sprinting, sprint for 20 meters. And repeat.

We get to Rancho, How many are we gonna do? 4? 6? 8?? No, just keep running up and down for 25 minutes. Great. First interval, “damn i feel good.” push harder. “What? AJ doesn’t rest inbetween?”. Everyone works hard…. Gene…. It’s okay, I know you can beat me on those downhills. Hard sprint back to parking lot, 8 strides. Drink some ice water and head home. There’s something about that hill that makes me want to run it over and over. Maybe it’s that feeling you get when you break off from everyone else and you are free, just you and trail. While this hill may have been scary to some of the runners on the team, I must say the Varsity teams didn’t let it own us, we OWNED that hill.

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