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A controllable in an uncontrollable world

Posted on July 11 2017

Kayla-Lindsey,-FF-Asheville“In 2015, my husband was incarcerated. During this same time, one of my best friends had a beautiful baby girl and was also going through a divorce. In May of that year, we started running together. I always enjoyed running, but it wasn’t something I did often. I played soccer in college, so it became a punishment for me instead of a joy. We ran all the time, and I couldn’t believe how much I began to look forward to those runs. They were controllable in a world that I couldn’t control. It became my release, my escape from reality. Between the time I got to spend with my friend and the activity itself, that year flew by. Running has changed my life because it calmed me. It became a constant when my world was turned upside down. Running is an outlet. I am a person that tends to be pulled in several directions, and when I am running, no one can reach me. Looking back, I think that is what bonded my friend and I so much that first year. We were each able to depend on each other. I remember running on days that were just hard and her being the encouragement I needed. Running occupied a void in the midst of craziness when I needed it most.” – HOKA fan Kayla Lindsey

Kayla’s favorite shoe is the Bondi.


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