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A day late.

Posted on March 19 2009

Okay, so maybe I was a day late, but I did complete my run yesterday and that’s what counts.

The run was amazing. Being away from the hills for so long, I had forgotten the beauty and serenity that they hold as you slowly make your way up those painful inclines. At first it was just fun, running with Gene and Varun, keeping a relaxed pace so that I wouldn’t die out later but then it started to all come back. The high you get from running in the hills hit me and I started to pick up the pace, taking deeper breaths and longer strides. Snaking around the contours of the beautiful hills I run farther and farther away from civilization. The further I get from the city, the less hikers and bikers I encounter on the trail. Actually, when I think about it there were no bikers on that trail, must’ve been too hard for them… The last couple hills are the hardest and it’s hard to keep my pace, but I keep reminding myself; “you’re almost there…a couple more minutes of pain and then it’s all over, just don’t stop” Even though my legs feel heavy as lead, my breathing is interrupted by powerful coughs, I push over that last crest and finally get a chance to rest. After catching my breath I start to focus on the beautiful scenery around me; the might trees, cheerful birds, and the ever so beautiful butterflies fluttering around me. They all seem to relax me and make me feel happy, not just happy in general but happy to be alive, happy to have the chance to experience these beautiful things.

Watchmen was a horrible, horrible, horrible movie, but there was one point conveyed in it which I found rather interesting and which did come up again during my run. The meaning of our existence is unknown, there have been millions of theories but no one will ever know for sure. Maybe we deem ourselves more important than we really are, even without humans the world would get along just fine, hell, it would get along even better without all our pollution and buildings. Being surrounded by nature is a perfect example of this, even if I weren’t there the trees would still be green, the birds would still chirp, and the butterflies would still flap their wings. From the top of the PG&E trail you can see the retirement homes near the parking lot in the distance, miles and miles away; just a tiny, little, meaningless speck. I could be there and everything would still be going on just fine; life wouldn’t cease to exist just because humans weren’t around.

This brings me to my other point, one that some people seem to forget in all the “stress” of high school at Lynbrook. Enjoy life. You only have one, and that’s all you get. Even if there is a heaven and hell, or whatever you may believe in, you only get one life and that’s it. Living in security all the time is the same as being a slave to routine, live on the wild side every once in a while. I’m not talking about doing drugs or drinking, those are just superficial means of enjoying life, but I’m talking about finding the thing you really love, and loving it with all your heart. Whether its running, painting, or playing music. When you find it, embrace it everyday of your life and be grateful for being able to enjoy it. Sometimes we let the people we love get in the way of the things we love, and all I have to say is, no love requires absolute attention. Even if you are in a relationship, that person shouldn’t get in the way of the thing you love, sometimes it may seem like a balance is hard to find, but there is always one to be found.

Run because you love running, not because you want to stay in shape, not because you want to train for another sport, not because your friends are doing it, run because you love it. One could train everyday, doing the hardest workouts, eating the healthiest food, but if the love for running was not there, it would all be worthless. There are millions and millions of people who run, but a lot fewer runners. I’m a runner, and i’ll run until I become part of this beautiful earth that my muddy shoes run on everyday.


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