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A Diamond in the Rough.

Posted on August 05 2009

I usually don’t write about my bad runs but this one was different. My nine mile loop in Fremont Older was hell for eight miles and heaven for one. And luckily the one mile of heaven was the last one, not the first.

I realize I am over-training and I’m going to tone it down a little bit to make sure I don’t injure myself before this ever important season, but the thing the whole varsity boys team needs to get in the habit of doing is pushing through the pain. No matter how much it hurts, there is always something left in your legs. I’ve come to the realization that when deciding what to run you should listen to their body and mind, and when running, listen to your heart.

This will be pretty short as I only felt amazing for a short time, but when I felt good, I mean I felt good.

The hills flying by under my feet, the sun getting ready to go to sleep behind me, and the wind blowing its might gust across the plains. My music, legs, and heart urge me to go harder and faster. So i comply. Amidst the pain I realize that the steps to Fresno won’t always be heaven, there’ll be plenty of missteps, trips, and falls. But as long as we always get up when we’re on the ground, we’ll reach the top.

I’m glad I didn’t bring my camera on this run as the only times I stopped today were to address the pain in my calves. Luckily though a nice ranger gave me something to photograph as I crossed that white line.

All I have to say is, bikers, you don’t need huge cars to carry your little toys. Buy something small that can fit around my car so I stop getting these warnings.

As for you runners; always leave the ground, the sky is much nicer.


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