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A Second Thought

Posted on April 19 2015

Yesterday, I went for a quick run at KLCC park. As I was expecting it to rain before I could finish my run, I ran in my trusted New Balance 1400v2 instead of my new Kinvara 5. I was amazed. Everything felt like back in place. My stride did not feel awkward anymore. My bad knee was not feeling as bad. I did not mention in the previous post that my left hip felt sore when I was running in Kinvara 5. Running in 1400v2, the sore was non-existent. It felt natural.

Then it struck me.

“Maybe I do not really need extra cushioning?”

“Maybe a cushioned shoe does not fit my running style?”

“Maybe I should run my first marathon in the already-proven 1400v2?”

But I paid close to RM400.00 for the Kinvara 5. RM400.00 for 43 kilometres over 5 running sessions? About RM9.30/km, RM80.00/session. That is not a good return on investment, ROI. And it is not that good-looking to be relegated to walking, albeit it is supremely comfortable, cushy, and marshmallowy.

With exactly 2 weeks left before my first marathon, this is an unwelcome headache.

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