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Across the Philippines in 88 days

Posted on July 12 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-09-29-at-4.17.24-PM“I hiked across the Philippines for 88 days, a total distance of 3300-plus km, to raise awareness about childhood cancer. I’m one of those people who always explores and goes beyond my limitations. I came up with the idea to run across the Philippines and started planning for it, but lots of problems arose. It didn’t stop me. Instead, I decided to hike across the Philippines, unsupported, with all my things inside my backpack. Hiking the Asian Highway 26 (AH26) wasn’t easy, but it was fun. There were different challenges everyday. To have done this was a big accomplishment for me, but to have done it for a greater purpose was priceless. I have chosen to raise awareness about the childhood cancer community, since my local running club always chooses this as our charity. During my hike, I talked to people I met on the road regarding issues about childhood cancer, what simple things they can do to help and what can they do to protect their children from acquiring it. I also visited children’s hospitals along the way to ask what issues they needed to raise to the people and specifically to the government legislators. I changed people’s perception of children with cancer and showed them that these kids have a much bigger chance of surviving cancer. These children are very hopeful that they’ll win their battle, and I wanted to help them win the battle.” – HOKA fan Derick Cordura

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