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Posted on August 02 2012

You can purchase display advertising on Runblogger via using the shopping cart below – you can change the minimum purchase amount (e.g., raise or lower it) once you click “Add to Cart” and go to the Shopping Cart page:

If you have any questions about advertising on Runblogger or the information presented on this page, please contact me (Pete Larson).

Blog Statistics and Popular Content Overview

Below is a screen capture of Google Analytics blog statistics from Aug. 23, 2014-Sept. 22, 2014 to give you an idea of traffic and audience reach. Traffic is about 53% US and 47% non-US.

Last Month Blog Stats

Below is a summary of demographic audience statistics via Quantcast:

Quantcast Runblogger Data

And below are traffic stats for my most popular recent posts:


If you have any additional questions about blog statistics, feel free to contact me.

A Note on Review Posts:

Please note that I do not accept payment from product manufacturers for reviews or posts. I also do not accept unsolicited guest posts. I do occasionally run manufacturer-sponsored product giveaways to readers in conjunction with review posts, and I occasionally run posts sponsored by third party retailers (never by product manufacturers).

I have earned credibility by being completely honest in my reviews, and refuse to compromise the integrity of my reviews by accepting monetary payment in conjunction with them. I am happy to entertain offers to review products, but be aware that my review will be honest and thorough – if I like a product, I will say so, if I don’t, I will say so as well. This approach has been very successful for me and is appreciated by my readers.

Also be aware that I am very selective about what I will review – I turn down far more review offers than I accept. I am more likely to review products that I would buy myself and that can integrate easily into my daily living and training. Given that Runblogger is a one-man show (though I do occasionally have friends review products for me), my time is limited to try products and write about them – don’t be offended if I turn down your offer for this reason. If you have a product you would like me to consider for a review, feel free to contact me.

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