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Altra Announces Halo “Smart” Shoe that Can Detect Foot Strike, Impact Force

Posted on January 09 2015

Altra HaloI’ve read a few stories over the past few days about a new Altra shoe called the Halo. Looks interesting and thought I’d share here.

The Halo has a sensor built into the sole that apparently can detect cadence, foot strike location, and ground impact force and send that info to a synced iFit watch or a smartphone. Devices that measure cadence have been around for awhile, but a shoe that can show foot contact location and impact force could be interesting.

A big question will be pricing – will runners be willing to shell out $180 for this technology? There’s also the question of what to do with the info that the shoe provides – there’s no conclusive data showing that one type of foot strike is best under all conditions, and there is considerable debate about whether impact force is related to injury risk. I’m also not sure which exact aspect of force they are measuring – max impact force, max ground reaction force, loading rate, all of the above? We’d also need some kind of norms for force data to make them useful.

Lots of questions, but it’s cool to see a shoe company pursuing technology like this. I expect we’ll be seeing more from other companies in the not too distant future.

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