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Altra Increasing Stack Height on the Instinct 2 and Intuition 2

Posted on August 20 2013

Altra has released images of the newest iteration of their flagship shoe, and in a move that is sure to generate some discussion and controversy among the Altra faithful, it sports a thicker sole than it’s predecessors:


Altra Instinct 2.0 image via Sneakerreport

Stack heights on the Instinct 2 and Intuition 2 have gone up from 22mm to 25mm (this presumably includes the insole). At first glance this comes across as a company following the seemingly hot trend of increasing cushioning in shoes, and it is a bit surprising given that the original Instinct and Intuition were Altra’s founding shoes. However, one could also view this as a response to the fact that Altra is a relatively new company that has rapidly diversified and broadened its line to include both max cushioning (the soon-to-arrive Olympus) and more minimally cushioned options (The One). It looks like the Provision 1.5 will retain the 22m stack height sole/insole of the Instinct and Intuition, and without the included stability wedge it should have a similar feel to those shoes (I have not run in the Provision myself; incidentally the Provision 1 is on sale for $49.98 at The Clymb).

I personally found the Instinct 1.5 to be a bit firm for my taste for longer runs, so this change may be a welcome one for me, but I suspect there will be plenty of Instinct/Intuition fans who don’t want to see the shoe with a beefier sole (now only about 3mm less than the Torin in terms of stack height).

What are your thoughts? Is this a mistake or a welcome change?

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