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An unlikely combo: runner and former-smoker

Posted on January 10 2017

wenona_hoh_email_3-27-17“Since I was a teenager, smoking has been a habit. With several failed attempts at quitting along the way, I knew I had to quit smoking if I wanted any quality of life. I’m a mom, a wife and a registered nurse. I’m also a runner and now a former smoker. I began running at the track by walking the corners and running the straights. Running made me feel proud and helped me to cope with my anxiety. My goals, my nutrition, my enthusiasm for life have improved, and I feel younger than I did a decade ago. Now, at 43 I will be running my first full marathon and I have completed 5 half marathons. Change is possible. I am looking forward to more running adventures and seeing where they will take me. HOKA shoes are perfect for me. After a twenty-mile-long run, my feet still felt great. Now, I can’t imagine running in anything else.” – HOKA Ambassador Wenona Turner

Wenona’s favorite shoe is the Clifton 3.


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