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Attending a Running Injury Conference in Sheperdstown, WV

Posted on January 25 2011

re-evolution_of_running_text_e103Why runners get hurt is a question that occupies my mind almost constantly. It’s amazing that so simple an activity can cause so many problems for so many people – for example, the scientific literature reports injury rates ranging from about 20-75% of runners in studies that have been conducted to date. In my quest to better educate myself on the topic of running injury, I decided to accept my friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s offer to head down to Sheperdstown, West Virginia this weekend to attend a 3 day conference/course on prevention and treatment strategies for running injuries. Put on by the, the course should be a great learning experience for me, and my intention is to blog about the experience while there and/or after returning home. Stay tuned!

As part of the weekend event, Mark also invited me to participate in a public forum called The Re-Evolution of Running: Discover Pain Free Movement for Life. This event will be held at the Bavarian Inn in Sheperdstown, WV on Friday, January 28th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Guest panelists include leading clinicians, researchers, teachers, writers, athletes, and footwear experts from around the globe (note, though I appreciate Mark’s sentiment below, I suspect that this little blog is not the world’s most widely read site on running innovation Smile):

Others who will be participating include:

Danny Dreyer

· Founder: Chi Running and Chi Walking

· Ashevlle, NC; Internationally-acclaimed injury-prevention coach, ultramarathoner and best-selling autho

Dr. Craig Richards

· Newcastle, Australia; General Practice, Sports Medicine, Runner

· One of world’s lead researchers on running injuries and footwear

Jay Dicharry PT

· Director SPEED Clinic University of Virginia

· International Authority on Gait Analysis and Running Injury

Dr. Peter Larson

· Professor of Biology St. Anshelm College New Hampshire, Marathon runner

· Author/host of world’s most widely read site on running innovation-

Blaise Dubois PT/Sean Cannon PT

· Quebec City, Canada; International Leaders in running injuries

· Authors and Instructors of over 40 international conferences

Jerry Lee

· Boulder, Colorado; Co-Founder and CEO Newton Running

· Innovator in first shoe company with primary mission of injury prevention. Ironman competitor

Ian Adamson, MS Sports Med/BS Biomechanical Engineering

· Boulder, Colorado; Director of Research & Education-Newton

· Ultramarathoner and 7 time world champ Adventure Racer

Dr. Daniel Kulund , USAF

· Chief Health Promotions Pentagon

· Physician, Innovator of Running Medicine. Opened first true “Runners Clinic” in the 1970’s.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella,

· West Virginia University, Coach USAF Running Team, National Level Masters Runner

· National speaker/teacher of healthier running; sub 2:35 marathons in 4 decades

Brian Metzler

· Boulder Colorado; Editor Running Times

Jeff Horowitz

· Arlington, Virginia; Editor Competitor Magazine


For those wishing to dine at the premier Bavarian Inn call 304-876-2551

For more information contact Two Rivers Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking – phone: 304-876-1100

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