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Barefoot Running: My Current Thoughts Posted on the dailymile Community Blog

Posted on March 29 2011

Barefoot FootstrikeI’d like to direct you to a post that I wrote on barefoot running that just went live today on the dailymile Community Blog. The post summarizes my current thinking on the barefoot running debate, and is titled: “Barefoot Running: Ditch Your Shoes, Change Your Gait, An Honest Look at a Tired Debate.

In the post I take what I feel is an honest and realistic look at the pros and cons of barefoot running, and address what I feel has been an excessively contentious debate about a style of running that is never going to be practiced full-time by more than a small minority of runners. That being said, I also discuss some of the many benefits of incorporating at least a small amount of pure barefoot running (read: No Shoes!) into your training, and urge everyone to at least give it a try.

In addition to my post, I’d like to point you also to several interesting posts that were published last week during Barefoot Running Week on the dailymile Community Blog.

Stop running in those shoes! An interview with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run

Our perspective: Two team members share their thoughts on running barefoot

Saucony bares their “sole” on minimalist running

Run light and smooth: an interview with “Born to Run” star, Caballo Blanco

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