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Best friend, running partner, husband

Posted on January 12 2017


“Scott and I met back in college when our neighbors asked if he could move into our extra room. We didn’t date back then but we shared a bathroom (caught him using my lotion a few times, little did he know it had subtle sparkles in it!) and we were best friends until I moved to San Francisco. Running is what brought us back together. When I visited Scott, he told me he was starting to do triathlons which coincidentally, I had started doing a few years prior. We decided to train for our favorite half iron distance together when I moved back. We push each other to not just reach our athletic goals, but really we have helped each other grow in our professional and personal lives and I know that running as played a big part in that. Scott is best friend, my favorite running partner and soon to be my husband.”- HOKA Fan Kat Gunsur

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