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By: ben

Posted on July 11 2011

Great article Ian. I’m a chiro student and we attended a foot workshop by Dr Mark Charrette you can see some key points on my blog

Dr Charrette’s main point was that pronation (rolling in) can occur *even* in people with high and low arches. My ankles roll in moderately and I do have low arches, have tried Brooks moderate motion control with custom-made orthotics (scanned by a technician, *not* a podiatrist unfortunately).. my ankles still rolled inward and did not feel comfortable… So i took out the custom-made and put in a generic orthotic, felt slightly better.

Do you think it’s better to get a *neutral* shoe and then custom-make an orthotic? I have a hunch that the orthotic may be fighting against the motion control of the shoe.


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