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Carpe Diem

Posted on October 23 2009

This is for my LHS XC Boys.

This is our season, this is our opportunity. This is our chance to show the world we belong at the top. This is our chance to show everyone what Lynbrook XC has done for us. It’s our time to show Hank and Jake and that their hard work has results. But most of all – this is our chance to show to ourselves that we deserve it.

This may seem small and insignificant now; just a race, just another two weeks of training, just a delay. But one day, when we look back on that race, it’ll either be the race that could’ve been, or the race.

2.95 miles of pain, why would we put ourselves through that? Why would we purposely sign up to feel pain for 16 minutes? Something keeps us coming back, and that something is love. It’s love for the run; for the lows, and the highs. For the guts, and the glory. It’s love that allows us to endure the pain.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Let’s get going you guys.

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