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Casio EX FC-100

Posted on April 26 2010

While the EX-F1 is a great tool for my research lab, its nearly $1000 price tag and SLR-ish size make it an unlikely choice for the average user who simply wants a pocket-size camera that will allow them to play around with slow motion. Given my positive experience with the EX-F1, I went ahead and purchased for personal use a more affordable, smaller model from the lineup of Exilim High-Speed digital cameras: the Casio Exilim EX-FC100. The Casio Exilim EX-FC100 is essentially a pocket-sized digital still camera that can also shoot standard video, HD video (720p), and high-speed video (210, 420, or 1000 frames/second). Like the EX-F1, the EX-FC100 also has a variable 30-210 fps mode that allows you to toggle the movie recording speed between 30 fps and 210 fps on the fly.

Like the EX-F1, there is a loss of resolution as frame rate is increases on the EX-FC100:

  • 210 fps = 480×360 pixels
  • 420 fps = 224×168 pixels
  • 1000 fps = 224×64 pixels

Lighting is also an issue for the EX-FC100, and this is more noticeable than on the EX-F1.

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