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Chaco Barefoot Z Preview

Posted on April 02 2014

In a move that will surely elicit derision from those claiming that the minimalist footwear movement is dead, Chaco is releasing a new sandal that bucks the recent trend toward more maximal footwear:

Chaco Barefoot Z

Chaco claims that the Barefoot Z sandal is the lightest, most minimal sport sandal ever created. Here’s what the brand has to say about the new shoe:

“We stripped away all the clutter and went back to the basics—way back—with our new Barefoot Z sandal,” says Gary Banik, Chaco’s lead product developer. “Our hyper-minimal silhouette is so low-profile, you won’t even realize they’re on your feet.”

“The Barefoot Z, to me, represents the culmination of a quarter-century of Chacos’ research and development of the ultimate sport sandal,” notes Chaco Ambassador, Brendan Leonard. “I’ve worn mine for hiking, trail running, bouldering, and even a few pitches of ice climbing. Really, if you want to go truly light and fast in the mountains, I don’t know why you’d wear anything else. Including clothing.”

The Barefoot Z features a new Paleolithic design with a GroundTouch footbed that has been millions of years in the making. Jacquard webbing wraps across the foot and finishes in a toe loop for total forefoot control. The minimalist outsole design will leave feet calloused, creating luggy knots of hardened skin for a tread that can take on any trail.

And here are the specs:

Product details:


• Polyester jacquard webbing upper, with toe loop, wraps around the foot for the ultimate customized fit

• Adjustable and durable webbing heel risers

• Custom injection molded ladder lock for a secure hold


• Earthy GroundTouch footbed with slip resistant footprint pattern design


• Non-marking ultra-minimalist design with calloused skin for tread

• Weightless outsole for versatility

Quite a gamble by Chaco!

Chaco Barefoot Z Sole

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