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Chain reaction of events

Posted on July 11 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-09-29-at-4.26.04-PM“Twelve years ago, after my fourth child was born, I found myself 60 pounds overweight and exhausted. Somehow I had developed the mindset that if I took time for myself, I was being selfish. So, I decided it was time to make some big changes and get healthy again. I started running and drastically changed my diet. I wanted to be healthy, not just for myself, but I wanted to set a good example for my family. I started by running less than a quarter of a mile at a time and gradually built up my mileage to five miles over a couple months. I would run late at night while my kids were asleep, in cotton sweats and a giant ski coat. I did not have a sports watch and struggled to keep track of my mileage. I knew that five times around the loop in my neighborhood was one mile, so I would fill up my pocket with 25 mini marshmallows and drop one every time I passed the mailbox. Within six months, I had lost 60 pounds and was happy, healthy and had plenty of energy to chase my little ones around. The decision I made that day to start running again set off a pretty incredible chain reaction of events. Running makes me happy, every single day. I feel so blessed to share my passion of running with my husband and my kids. Through running, we have strengthened family bonds, made new friends and had the ability to motivate and inspire people to make positive changes in their own lives.” – HOKA fan Heather Neely

Heather’s favorite shoe is the Gaviota.


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