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Changing expectations

Posted on February 08 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-02-07-at-12.28.35-PM“The day I found out I was going to become a father I was pretty petrified. I had no idea how to raise a kid, I didn’t know how to make enough money to support a family, and I thought that my goals and dreams as a runner were all goners. I’ve been able to realize that life doesn’t end when you are a husband and a father. You just have to change your expectations, get more creative with time, wake up early, and plan your days well. I think my aspirations have only gotten wilder, bigger, and more exciting since I became a dad. And the truth is, my motivation is much more driven by something bigger than myself. I believe my chances of success as an ultra runner have improved by having my son, and that is something I never would have dreamed of before.” – New HOKA Athlete Ryan Ghelfi

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