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Chasing your first full IRONMAN with Veronica Cangas

Posted on June 04 2019

My parents pushed me to leave Venezuela ten years ago because they saw what was coming. Venezuela has been facing the worst political crisis and economic collapse in the world outside of warsI have always held a lot of anger inside because of it. Not against my parents, but against the people responsible for the crisis in the country. I lost my home. My family was broken apart. My friends were spread all over the world. Millions of people are suffering because there’s no food, medicines or electricity. I’ve always felt an emptiness inside me because of it.

Triathlon helped fill that emptiness. The sport became my support system— my home, my family, my safety. The place to where I can always return.

In that way, it’s also been a journey about spirituality. A spiritual journey of self-discovery. There’s something about being alone with just yourself for hours on end… to have so much time and space to think or not think, just be. To push your body and mind beyond what you thought was possible. To recognize that the voices in your head are not you. To silence those voices. To dive nose first into the pain and come out the other side with new sources of energy you didn’t know existed.


Triathlon is about connection. Connecting with your own self, with your body, your center and your light… but also with your surroundings— the ocean that hugs you while swimming, the air you cut through on the bike, the earth you touch with every step on the run, and the people who share all of it with you. The energy that flows from those connections is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.

Triathlon has helped me realize that all that energy is inside of me and that I can access it whenever I want. That energy has replaced anger with light. I understand now that home is that light. I am home. My body is my home. My energy is my home.

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