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Posted on September 29 2008


It’s a very simple at the end of the day. Those who run that extra mile, who speed up when they should slow down, those who conquer that unconquerable hill. Those are the ones who have chosen to be great.

Hard work pays off. When I look at our varsity team, I see 7 guys who have chosen to be great. Every single one of them. Those 7 runners wake up in the morning and say “I’m going to be great today” even if they feel average. We don’t try to beat each other, we try and help each other. Whether it’s pushing the pace or taking the team on night runs, we’d do anything for our teammates.

What is Cross Country? Is it an individual sport? A team sport? Is it a sport at all? Cross Country is what keeps me going. It’s what wakes me up in the morning and what helps me fall asleep at night. What Cross Country is to you is your decision. A grade? A pass time? A school sport? For me it’s love. Pure love.

The next time you’re running, make the decision; “Am I going to be average, good or great?”

As for the Varsity Boys, I have only two words for you. BE GREAT.

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