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ColorSchemer ColorPix: An Easy Way to Identify Color Hex Codes

Posted on July 08 2009

One of the issues I have run into frequently while working on my blogs and/or the webpages that I maintain is the ability to easily identify Hex codes for colors that I like. The color Hex code (or Hexadecimal code) is a six digit/letter combination used to identify specific colors in HTML or on CSS style sheets. You’ll find these codes in Blogger if you click on Customize–>Layout–>Fonts and Color. The color hex code appears in the box on the right (e.g., #ffffff is the code for white – see picture below).

I just happened upon a great little tool, ColorSchemer ColorPix, that allows you to place your cursor anywhere on your computer screen (e.g., on a program window, image, webpage, etc.) and immediately detect the various color codes (Hex, RGB, HSB, CMYK) for the pixel underlying the cursor. Below is an example of what the little application looks like as it captures the color information from the header of this blog:

ColorPix is a small program, a free download, and a very handy little tool – wish I had found it sooner as it would have save me some grief when matching image backgrounds to my blog colors.

You can visit the ColorSchemer website at:

If you know of any other useful blogging/web design tools, feel free to leave a comment!

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