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Contact Runblogger – E-Mail and Social Networks

Posted on May 01 2010

Read below for email and contact policies and information.

Reader Emails

I’m going to be up-front honest here – my inbox is kind of a disaster, and it’s a big source of stress. I love hearing from readers, and generally read every email that arrives in my inbox, but responding has become more and more difficult as email volume has increased. When trying to balance spending time with my family (I have a wife and three little kids), writing blog posts, running (so I can test products I review), working in the clinic, and answering email, the latter tends to get short shrift. Though I try my best to respond to emails,  sometimes weeks may go by before I get a chance to tackle my inbox. Sometimes messages slip off the first page of my inbox get lost forever in the Gmail abyss (sadly, more often than I like to admit).

Given my email overload, I’ve tried to be diligent about attending to other communication avenues. If you have a question or want to get in touch, best bets for a timely response would be to:

A. Leave a comment on the blog. I usually respond to all blog comments within a few days. And often other readers will chime in as well.

B. Join the Running Shoe Geeks group on Facebook and post a question there. RSG is an active group of 3000+ runners who post about all kinds of topics related to running, but with a focus on footwear. This is probably the best place on the web to get some shoe advice.

C. Connect with me on Twitter. I’m pretty good about responding to short questions quickly on Twitter, and my Twitter client is almost always running in the background so I often will respond very quickly. You can find me at @runblogger.

D. If you would like to email me with a question, you can do so at I do tend to be better at answering reader emails than PR/marketing inquiries, so feel free to send a message.

E. You can also connect with me on the Runblogger Facebook Page.

Notes for Marketers and PR Agencies:

I get pitched products on a daily basis, sometimes multiple products per day. Many that are completely unrelated to the content of this site – for example, BB guns and dating cruises are probably not a good fit :). I turn the majority of offers down, and for the most part I tend to review products that I purchase myself (with the exception of some footwear and fitness electronics, and even there about half of the products I review are purchased by me). This is my way of trying to manage the flood of offers that I get (and it makes doing taxes easier!). If you would like to pitch a product to me, you can do so at

Please note, due to the volume of requests that I get, I do not generally publish unsolicited blog posts.

I generally do not post press releases (except previews of new shoes and certain fitness electronic devices).

I generally do not promote crowd-funding campaigns via blog postings.

I also generally do not promote races or events on Runblogger.

For advertising inquiries, go here.

Other Social Networks

You can also get in touch with Pete via the following social networks:

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