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Crappy Advertising at the Road Runner Sports “House of Cushion”

Posted on May 12 2014

One of the big news stories over the past couple of weeks was the Vibram lawsuit settlement over false advertising claims made about their Fivefingers line of minimalist running shoes.

Over the weekend a member of a forum I belong to on Facebook posted a link to the House of Cushion page on Road Runner Sports. Imagine my surprise then when I saw the 5th bullet point on that page – it reads:

Unless you like running in PAIN and don’t care if you’re putting your body at SERIOUS RISK of INJURY…
Cushioned running shoes are YOUR #1 CHOICE!”

Apparently Road Runner Sports hasn’t gotten the memo that a recent prospective study found no difference in injury rates between runners transitioning into the Nike Pegasus vs. Vibram Fivefingers (I wrote about this study here). And those in Vibrams were less likely to be injured than those in the more heavily cushioned Nike Free.

And we also have this study presented last year at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine which found that there was no difference in injury risk between US army soldiers wearing minimalist shoes vs. traditional running shoes.

C’mon Road Runner, don’t make stuff up in an effort to scare people into buying a certain type of shoe.

Unless your claim is that the Nike Free carries a higher injury risk than the Nike Pegasus or Vibram Fivefingers, the evidence right now does not point to any one type of shoe being better or worse than any other when it comes to injury risk. All options remain on the table.

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