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Creating balance

Posted on December 28 2017

Matt-Welch“After college, I drove myself into a period of self-doubt. It led me to a job that consumed my life. I was working close to 80 hours a week and became incredibly stressed. I started to isolate myself from the people that cared about me and supported me the most. My job turned into a lifeline and for the first time in my life, I felt alone. I turned to running as an outlet. Running was an escape from the long hours, the stress and the anxiety. It allowed me to turn inwards towards the negative emotions I was dealing with and come face to face with my internal struggles. With this new focus, my runs started becoming longer and with each run, my daily stress and anxiety seemed to dissolve. Running will always be there to create balance in my life and continue to guide me onto the next great adventure.” – Matt Welch, who now works as a HOKA Field Service Rep in San Diego, CA

Matt’s favorite shoe is the Clifton 4.


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