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Critique Me!: Posterior Views of My Form When Running Barefoot, in Newton Distance Racers, and in the Skechers GoRun

Posted on October 26 2012

Footstrike Skechers GoRunI spent some time this afternoon with a group of my research students who are designing a senior project that they’ll hopefully conduct on running form. The goal for today was to familiarize them with the cameras that I have, and get some video from different angles so they have an idea of what they can potentially work with. For me it was a chance to play with my new HD slow motion camera (Panasonic FZ200) – I got some great footage shot in HD 720p at 120 frames-per-second – I’m loving this camera for outdoor footage, but have not tried it inside yet.

I thought I’d share a few clips of me running (slowly) from behind in three different conditions: barefoot, in Newton Distance Racers, and in Skechers GoRun shoes. We shot the video from waist down since we were mainly just playing around and they will probably be focusing on the feet in whatever project they choose to pursue. There was no warm-up, I ran from about 20 feet behind and to the side of the camera to maybe 100 feet beyond the camera, so I had to cut inward a bit to get in line with the camera view. Every time I do this I realize how horrifically difficult it is to run fluidly and relaxed when you know you are being filmed!

I’ll refrain from commenting on myself beyond saying that I see forefoot strikes when barefoot and mild heel to midfoot in shoes, but if you’d like to tear apart other aspects of my form, feel free to do so in the comments!

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