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Do whatever is necessary

Posted on July 12 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-09-29-at-4.00.42-PM“For me, the hardest part of the marathon is trying to keep myself from overheating. Being a double amputee presents many considerable challenges when participating in any endurance event. My legs are off about four inches below each knee, and because of that, I don’t possess the same blood volume that I did with my birth legs. The lack of that oxygen-filled blood volume makes my heart rate, even in the resting phase, 20 beats faster. All my zones are 20 beats faster. As a result of my accident, I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which also adds to the risk of me overheating. I do my best to combat this sometimes debilitating challenge by wearing surgical gloves and stopping at each aid station or medical tent to get ice for my palms. Running with ice keeps my core temperature in check and my heart rate at bay, at least until the ice can be replenished. To me, finishing any event, is just about that — finishing by doing whatever is necessary with my own ability to make it happen.” – HOKA fan Scott Rigsby

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