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Embrace the unexpected

Posted on January 14 2017

PC: Klementovich Photography
PC: Klementovich Photography

“It’s 2:00 AM and the shivering of my body has become my alarm clock for the past four nights. I’m 180 miles into my hike staring down the last 60 with 27 hours to go. I stand up and breakdown my simple campsite. Directly in front of me is a 3,800-foot ascent up Wildcat Ridge. I see how I’m feeling over the first few steps of Day 5, and my body sends signals of deep aches to my brain. My mind counteracts all of these discomforts and is replaced with unfounded euphoria. This is the last day of my White Mountain Direttissima — an unsupported linkup of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000-foot mountains, carrying all of my own food over 240 miles and nearly 80,000 feet of vertical gain. Over the course of this project I was prepared for everything to go wrong — gear failure, injuries, and sleep deprivation. But what happened was something unexpected: nothing failed, the weather was beautiful, my body got stronger, and sleep was overrated. The most difficult part of the project was that first step — starting it and exposing myself to failure by broadcasting it online. There were strenuous moments, but nothing that made me consider quitting. In the challenging moments, all I had to do was look up, and the surrounding peaks provided a deep sense of motivation pushing me to continue. It was a remarkable experience to cover so many miles of trail in less than a week, and I hope to inspire others to risk failure and pursue their own adventures.”- HOKA Fan Andrew Drummond

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