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Emotional happiness through running

Posted on July 11 2017

Tangela-Sabir,-FF-Vancouver“I woke up one day and realized that I was in an emotional decline leading up to my most difficult life event, losing my dear mother. No matter how well she prepared me, I wasn’t ready to live out that experience, so I stopped living. My life became a box with four tiny walls, and I wouldn’t allow anyone inside. I eventually made it through this brief period by making the decision to get healthy and train for my first 5K run, which was unimaginable to me at the time. But I knew I needed to work on me. I made it through this tough period because I chose to start living again. I was grateful and thankful for the mountain of supportive friends, family and community all around me. Although they will never truly understand the depth of gratitude I have for their continued unconditional support that helped me through it, it’s how I persevered and learned to experience happiness again. Running has changed my life because it is a constant reminder that my abilities will never be capped. I will never run out of miles or determination to maintain this state of emotional happiness that I was able to rediscover through running. It will always be important to me as it has allowed me to break through those walls and finally exhale. There is no doubt that I will continue running, sharing and experiencing endless, awesome adventures with friends in HOKA, one trail at a time.” – HOKA fan Tangela Sabir

Tangela’s favorite shoe is the Clifton.


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