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Encouraged, supported, confident

Posted on July 11 2017

Suzie-Luthe,-FF-Fort-Wayne“Throughout my life, I have always been on a diet of some sort. But all the quick fixes never worked for me. I would lose weight, and then I would gain the weight right back, plus even more than what I had lost. When I met my husband, I quickly found out that dating and dieting was too hard. I loved food and so did my soon-to-be husband, and together we packed on the pounds. A year after we were married, my husband suffered a heart attack at the age of 37. My whole world was turned upside down. Recovery was long and hard, and even though you would think that would of been my wakeup call, it wasn’t. Food was my comfort at that time, and I used it. Not too long after that, I lost my mother to cancer. It was very hard on me and once again, the only comfort that I had was in the answer of food. Later, when I was getting ready to turn 40, I was depressed about it. I was sitting in the breakroom at work when some of my co-workers were talking about how our city was having a 10K. One of them said, ‘I will do it when pigs fly.’ The others were laughing and one said, ‘You mean you will do it when Suzie flies.’ Their laughter continued, but I was mortified. I slipped out of the break room, found my friend and asked her to do a 10K with me. She never laughed or asked me why, but just said yes. Together we trained for the next few months. I turned 40 and was more determined than ever. We finished that 10K strong and proud. I was at 300 pounds and had lost about 50 pounds training for the 10K. Since then, I have had many ups and downs, but have learned a lot along the way. After that, I saw a posting on Facebook about a 5K running program at Fleet Feet Sports. The first few times that I showed up to run took everything I had to push myself to go. I was so worried that I would be laughed at and that people would discourage me. But I soon realized that this group was welcoming and encouraging at any level. They didn’t look at my size or how fast or slow I was. They encouraged me and supported me. Who knew that there was more to running then just running? I had so much to learn, but the support and advice I got through Fleet Feet just made me even more confident in myself.  Most importantly, they helped me realize that yes, I am a runner, and I can do it.” – HOKA fan Suzie Luthe

Suzie’s favorite shoe is the Bondi.


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