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Exercise Science Podcast

Posted on January 24 2010

Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Biology of Sports and Exercise – regardless of what you call it, this podcast is all about the relationship between exercise and the human body. Mostly, it consists of lectures given in my Biology of Sports and Exercise Class at Saint Anselm College, but I may add article commentary, student content, and other good stuff as time allows and interest is indicated.

For now, this post is just a placeholder for things to come, so check back soon if you’re interested in this project – I’ll be sure to post updates as things get moving along.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my other podcast, the Runblogger Runcast (this link takes you to Itunes), which is a personal podcast/videocast dedicated to all things related to running. You can also hear an advance sample of a lecture from my class in this episode of the Runblogger Runcast.

About Me: I’m a biology professor at Saint Anselm College, a small, liberal-arts college in Manchester, NH. While my Ph.D. training and research expertise is largely in the area of evolutionary, comparative, functional, and developmental anatomy, my teaching responsibilities in Human Anatomy and Physiology and personal interests in human health and fitness have led me to develop a new course in the Biology of Sports and Exercise.  This podcast is a companion to that course.

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