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Fastest kid in the world

Posted on January 14 2017

14907681_1327435390632279_505550089446641919_n“My first running memory is being four years old and racing my dad in his old green VW Rabbit down the gravel road to our house. I was so excited when I beat him home. Clearly, I was the fastest kid in the world. Now I am a father myself. Every time my 1-year-old, Maggie, sees me putting my socks on she runs to grab my HOKA shoes from the corner. The look of excitement on her face matches mine. It’s time to run! Maggie loves riding in the jogging stroller just like my 4-year-old did before her. I know it won’t be long before I start hearing chants of ‘faster daddy, faster’ coming from her seat. I hope that as my daughters grow up they will love running as much as I do. And maybe one day they will pass their love of running to the next generation.”-HOKA fan James Glick

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