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Find a way

Posted on July 12 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-09-29-at-4.03.03-PM“2016 was the most painful year of my life — even more painful than the year I was dragged 100 yards through asphalt by a trailer, which ultimately cost me both of my legs. I lost my mom, my best friend and all of my finances due to a dishonest business partnership. Running the last few blocks of the Boston Marathon this year was extremely symbolic for me. Last fall, there was no way I thought mentally or physically I would be able to make it to the starting line, much less the finish line of that glorious race. With the help of my family, friends, a supportive coach, a wonderful prosthetist and my HOKA family, I made it. Whenever someone tells me they can’t run a marathon, my reaction is, ‘Of course you can! You really just told a guy with no legs that you can’t run a marathon?’ If you really want to complete a marathon, then you will find a way, whether it’s running, walking, crawling, pushing or cranking. You just have to want it bad enough.”- HOKA fan Scott Rigby

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