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Finding the light when things seem hopeless

Posted on March 23 2017

“I don’t think anyone could inspire me more than my daughter. In the winter of 2015, my biggest fear as a mother was staring me in the face. As I had been training to race the Western States 100, my four-year-old daughter had been struggling with her health and was eventually hospitalized with pneumonia. My husband and I didn’t know what would happen and for two weeks, I didn’t sleep or eat. I only left the hospital to nurse and care for my five-month-old son. But I watched my daughter fight, and she didn’t give up. Just as I was losing hope, she woke up and took her first steps with a chest tube in — we saw a light in her again. At just four years old, my daughter taught me about finding the light in your own heart and soul when things seem to be hopeless. My chances for Western States were over, but I quietly went down to American River 50 to win for my girl. Throughout the entire race, I fought for her and celebrated her life. I won and it was like — yes, our family is okay. My daughter is alive. We are going to make it, and I haven’t looked at facing fears the same way ever since.” – HOKA Athlete Jen Benna

Jen’s favorite shoe is the Speed Instinct.


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