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First ever Iranian female triathlete

Posted on January 14 2017

15095691_1343775672331584_631106723194869127_n_720“The journey leading up to Ironman Kona was a huge learning curve for me — from learning to become an athlete, to finding a way that works for me to become consistent in my training, to becoming stronger and more competent, to finding the right people and environment to help me achieve this. And I am so fortunate to have experienced every moment, every up and every down of this journey. I hope that being the first female triathlete to represent Iran would result in many more Iranian triathletes racing in triathlons, and also hope to be witness of the growth of triathlons in the region, with many more athletes from the region crossing the finish line competently, and with time, competitively.” – HOKA fan Shirin Girami, the first female triathlete to represent Iran, wearing the Challenger 2

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