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Flat Stanley, meet Flat Bruce

Posted on February 08 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-02-07-at-1.02.50-PM“I started the #flatbruce in March of 2015. I was running a race in Phoenix (Mountain to Fountain) and thought ‘Why not put a pic of myself all ready to race?’ There are so many pictures of people laying out their uniform, with the bib pinned to it — gels, shoes, gloves, etc. Honestly, I always found that a bit boring. A shirt and a bib is just that, where is the person behind that? The person who is going to race? So I thought I’d just do that in person and make it fun. I have tried to do a #flatbruce at every race I have run since. Sometimes I have people join in on the fun. Just a few days ago I had comment on my Instagram from a lady that noticed me on the canal in Phoenix. She said she noticed me from Instagram and almost yelled flatbruce. Unfortunately, she didn’t say it. It was fun to read the comment, but I was bummed she didn’t actually yell flatbruce. It would have made my day. “- HOKA Athlete Ben Bruce

Bruce’s favorite shoe is the Tracer.


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