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Fording + Run = Fun

Posted on April 09 2010

It took me a while to go to a run that really made me want to write, but this was it.

It wasn’t the hardest run in the world, nor was it the most scenic run in the world, and we’ve done the trail a million times before, so what was so special about it?

Something about pulling together, laughing, fording across mercury infected waters, crossing rivers on logs, and trying to jump across streams, that’s what Cross Country is about. It’s about making a path when you can’t find one, it’s about going through whatever nature throws at you, and it’s about loving every single step of the way.

There truly is something about getting wet and muddy that makes us going back to our primal instincts, it brings us closer to nature, even though we were never far from it. We build roads and bridges over it, but it’s always there, trying to break free, it’s always there inside us, humans are animals, we aren’t any different. We all have our desires and our needs, and we all have an instinct that brings us closer to nature. When you think about it, it just seems so difficult, dodging roots, jumping over rocks, trying not to slip, and running as fast as you can at the same time; but when you get out on those trails and you become one with nature again, you just do it, you don’t think about it.

Tomorrow is Arcadia and it’s been our goal for this track season. To be honest it doesn’t feel as big of an accomplishment as making States would’ve been, but it is truly an honor to be able to run with the competition that will be there. We’re definitely not going to win the thing, but we’re going to show that the heart we put into all our mud runs, we can put into 16 laps of pain.

Here’s to an amazing run yesterday and the last true team race with the XC Boys.


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