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Four Years.

Posted on November 24 2009

They have gone by so quickly, the seasons that felt so long in the beginning always ended just a bit too early. They say too much of anything is a bad thing, but there is something I just can’t get enough of; LHS XC.

You have been my family for four wonderful years, all the races, the pasta feeds, the fun runs, they all took place with a special group of people that I am so happy to call my family. On my lowest of days you have brought me back to my feet and led me to conquer many hills. And on my highest of days, LHS XC only made them higher. Today was the real last day that I’ll physically be with the LHS XC team, in the future we’ll come back for reunions, we’ll hang out, some of us might even end up at the same college, but we’ll never get to meet out by that shed again, call together the stretching circle, and set out to make love with our legs. Every single step will be remembered, ever smile, every joke. I owe it all to some amazing coaches and an amazing family; my team.

What Hank and Jake have done is not only create a strong team, but an even stronger family. They have brought us together under the same sport, they have made us better runners. But the greatest thing that they have done for us is that they have made us better people. I know that someday I’ll look back on my life and I’ll know that all the good decisions I’ve made are because of these two men that have helped me become a man over these four years. They have made me a better runner today, a better husband and father tomorrow, and throughout my life a better person. The “lava lamp lessons” that Hank gave us have taught me more about life than any assignment or test ever will. The long talks I’ve had with Jake on our various trips have made me realize many things about life and have helped me look into the future calmly, rather than fretfully about the possible failure. You win some, you lose some; life isn’t about staying up, it’s about getting up  when you’re down.

I felt bad for not having written since CCS and not reflecting about not making states with the team, but there really isn’t much to write about it. If I were to write that I am disappointed in my team I would be lying because I am so proud of the other 6 guys that shared the field of battle with me last Saturday. We ran our hardest, we gave it our all, we all believed in it, and at the end of the day Palo Alto was just faster; it doesn’t mean they’re better runners or better people, they were just faster that day. We may not have accomplished our goal of making states, but what we did accomplish is something much more important; we were able to come together as one, one team, one family, united in pursuing one dream. We put in the hard work over the summer, we always ran our hardest at the meets, and above all we always enjoyed what we were doing. It was never an “We have to” thing, it was always “We get to”; We get to run up the steepest hills, in the fiercest storms, and through the darkest nights.

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

Henry David Thoreau

Today after the party my dad saw me sadly flipping through my senior book and he asked me “What will you miss the most?” There are many things I’ll miss; the surf n’ turfs, the rallye runs, the hash runs, the races, meeting out by the shed, having somewhere to go after school where I am accepted, the races, the runs in the hills. But those are all on the surface, what I’ll really miss is something will never be recreated, no matter what. What I’ll miss is my LHS XC family.

I do not know the future holds in store for me, I do not know where I’ll be ten years from now, I do not know what I’ll be doing, but I’ll know who I am thanks to LHS XC. Thanks to those amazing coaches and my amazing family I now know exactly who I am…

I am a runner an LHS XC runner.

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