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Full circle

Posted on March 02 2017

Photo by Matt Trappe
Photo by Matt Trappe

“I always say be careful what you make fun of. I have eaten my words many times when I make fun of other events or distances. It started in college when I’d make fun of the steeplechase or 10km on the track. Sure enough, senior year I was running both of those events, trying desperately to make NCAA nationals. I’ve also made fun of the slow paces or ridiculous distances that ultra runners do. Now, I understand why those paces are what they are. Trails and mountains make things really, really hard! Not everyone can run up hill, down hill, rocky terrain, rooty terrain, or manage calories over a whole day. When run correctly, all of the distances in running hurt, a lot. If I make fun of any distance now, it’s probably the marathon. I make fun of my marathon friends that they’re letting an ultra runner keep up with them on their tempo runs or the ultra runner is pushing the pace in the long run. I’ve never run a marathon, but I’ve already started to make plans for a marathon debut. It’s all full circle, and we are all runners, loving what we do.” – HOKA Athlete Jim Walmsley

Jim’s favorite shoe is the Challenger ATR 3Screen-Shot-2017-02-17-at-1.48.36-PM

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