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Go with the flow

Posted on February 10 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-02-08-at-2.13.40-PM“As a mom who works a full-time job, I live for weekends. I often miss out on family breakfasts, early morning dog walks, and coffee with my husband so I can get my training in before I go to work. When Friday rolls around, I’ve dreamed up a plan of where I am going to take my son, which mountain we will summit together, and what trail I will show him next. Perhaps it is a sense of guilt for not being around as much as I would love to during the week, but I always have a big plan. This past weekend, I was on a mission to take my family for a big adventure, but my son politely said ‘mommy, normal kids don’t climb mountains and hike all day every weekend.’ Ouch that hurt — a lot. I didn’t want to burst his 11-year-old bubble by letting him know that his mom was not normal and for that reason alone he wasn’t either. I listened and decided to take a different approach, slower approach than usually.

We decided to parked a couple of miles away from the ocean and take a meandering trail along a river through forests and meadows to Limantour Beach. Once at the beach, we couldn’t get him away from chasing the waves. He ran, skipped, and jumped along the shore for at least an hour. Plus, we still had two miles to hike back to the car, which we made just in time for the sunset. We ended up having a wonderful day — without climbing a mountain. I learned a valuable lesson from my son that day. Sometimes just going with the flow can be just as epic as conquering a summit.” – HOKA Athlete Magda Boulet

Magda’s favorite shoe is the Clayton


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