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Posted on September 26 2009

I don’t really know how to start this post or how to write it for that matter. I never thought I could write down what Hawaii was like in words, and since Varun has currently stolen my Julia/Lum method of remembering trips, my fingers will have to take a stroll down the keyboard and see what we can come up with.

I always said that I don’t want to draw comparisons between Hawaii ’06 and Hawaii ’09 and the amazing thing about it is that I still don’t have to. They were two completely different experiences, and both equally amazing. Going as a Freshmen was amazing because I slowly grew into the team and being the only Freshmen there made me feel special, it was an amazing trip, getting to know everyone, doing things I had never dreamed of doing before, the day I got back from that trip was the saddest and happiest day of my life all together. Seeing everyone around school, droopy-eyed, and yet smiling at them knowing that what we shared will live on in our memories for the rest of our lives.

This year was no different, I could list out every amazing thing that happened in Hawaii, but no one would understand it besides those lucky 14. I went from the immature Freshmen in ’06 who had the rest of the team to look after me, to the immature Senior that had to share the responsibility of looking after everyone else.

Every little thing we did seemed trivial at the time, but now it’s those things I miss the most. I miss waking up to ringing cell phones, strange smells, and my three best friends. I miss being able to go to a breakfast place and say, “table for fourteen please”, I miss not having a second of down time because we had infinite liberty in what we could do. The simplest way to put it is I miss Hawaii more than anything in the world. The laughs we shared over those four days will forever bring smiles on our faces as we look back on them.

The sad thing is realizing that this is it, it’s finally started to hit me, this is the last season that I’ll be a part of LHS XC, my last season of meeting out by the shed, fun runs, 3,2,1 Bingo, Hank & Jake, and everything in between runs. Even if after this season I’ll never be able to wear this uniform again and lace up my running shoes for Lynbrook, LHS XC will forever live on in my heart as the thing that turned my life around, my first true love in life. I’ll still be an LHS XC Boy, no matter what. Time is a cruel thing, it takes things away from us when we want to live in a moment forever, I wish I could live in Hawaii forever, I wish I could live in LHS XC forever, I wish I could live my life forever.

One day I will no longer open my eyes in the morning to the sunshine, but until that day comes I’ll be spending my days on the trail of life, it has it’s ups and downs, it has some killer hills, some relaxing downhills, and some breathtaking views, but if I live it to the fullest, when I’m about to sprint the last hundred meters I’ll look back on it, and I’ll know that I did everything I wanted to do, and when I cross that chalky finish line, I’ll lay down on the grass with a smile on my face and my running shoes on my feet.

I know I haven’t really addressed Hawaii to the fullest in this post, I still can’t put it down in words, it just lives in my mind, bringing me a bit of joy everyday and a lot of nostalgia. Maybe someday I’ll be able to really write down what Hawaii meant to me, but for now all I’m certain about is that it was the best four days of my life, that I love this one girl with all my heart, and that the combination of those two make me the luckiest guy in the world.

Joe Newton once said; “Run free today”, run free from your mind, run free from your troubles, run free from the pain. Running free is the greatest feeling in the world, it’s about letting go of everything in your life and just letting your legs carry you away to a better place, it’s about blocking everything else out, moving to the center of the road, and taking life one stride at a time.

We have half a season left, sure we could accept making states as impossible right now and make it a lot easier for us, but we would be letting the family down, the sport down, and ourselves down.

“Be average, be good, or be great”

When it’s our turn to step on that starting line, to double knot our shoes one last time, to put our hands in one last time, we’ll have to make a decision as a team. If we choose to be average that’s all we’ll ever be, if we choose to be good we’ll end up disappointed, but if we choose to be great we’ll forever be remembered as the greatest team to ever meet out by that shed.

Let’s make the right choice.


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