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Hawaii Love-Take Two

Posted on September 05 2009

I’ve realized that I will enjoy this Hawaii trip as long as I don’t try to draw comparisons between the two times I went. Freshmen year was different, getting to know everybody, being quiet on the car ride, and eventually become one of the LHS XC team. This time it’s our turn to be the inspirational leaders for the underclassmen.

Congrats to everyone that made it, you all deserve it and you worked your butts off for that race. Amrit, Varun, Kuo, DiBiase, Jin, and Alvin, I couldn’t think of a better team to take to Hawaii with me. But we can’t be happy with going to Hawaii, sure the race will be the last thing on our minds for most of the time, but the reason why we’re going to Hawaii is to race, and to win. We came in second last time, now it’s our time to win. Sure there will probably be another good school there, but what does it matter? They’ll run their race, and we’ll run ours, no matter how fast they run, we’ll just have to run faster. I really could write forever about how amazing Hawaii was but I think Lum’s description is the closest one will ever get to capturing those four days in text; “You’re all gonna have the best 4 days of high school, better than senior homecoming, grad, grad night, senior week combined. I promise.”

13 12 days and 20 something minutes left until we step into that car, take off on that plane, and have the best four days of our lives.

I just want to say thank you to everyone that made that first trip so amazing, words don’t really do justice to how much I loved that trip and how much I love you guys so I’ll just use a picture instead.


Woh Bundy.

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