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Help a Running Researcher – Fill Out Jay Dicharry’s Barefoot Running Survey

Posted on November 28 2010

UVA Endurance Sport Jay Dicharry of the SPEED Clinic at the Center for Endurance Sport, University of Virginia is conducting a survey of barefoot runners and is looking for your help. If you run barefoot as a regular part of your training (doesn’t have to be 100%, or even most of your miles), please consider following this link to Jay’s short survey – they have a goal of getting 500 responses and are about halfway there at this point. Here’s the survey description you will see if you follow the link:

Thank you for taking this short survey. This past year has seen a significant amount of attention placed on barefoot running. There have been some excellent academic papers produced and a lot of media focus on them to spread the message. While its clear that running barefoot is different than running in shoes, there is no conclusion that it is better or worse. A lot of pundits are telling us what they think, but we want to know what you think. We know a lot of folks are trying it, and we want YOUR feedback on what it’s doing for you.

Here again is the link to the barefoot running survey:

For more about Jay and his work at the SPEED Clinic, check out these recent videos on “Fixing Broken Runners” from Running Times:

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