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Holistic nutritionist Bianca Valle shares five wellness hacks anyone can add to their lifestyle

Posted on August 15 2019

My wellness journey is always evolving and I believe that becoming your best self is a forever growing process, not a final destination. I have tried trends, ancient remedies, lots of DIY trial and error so I have rounded up five of my top wellness tips and hacks to keep you at your best self internally and as a human on the planet.


  1. Gua Sha

In ancient Chinese tradition, the Gua Sha tool has been used to move around Qi. Qi is energy, and can come in the form of fluid or even spirit. For me, I use my Gua Sha tool, or Gua Sha stone, to massage the water out of my face. I have a tendency to hold a lot of water in my face and using this stone in conjunction with a face oil helps me pull the water up and away from my jawline.

2. Nut butter jar

Nut butters may be my favorite food. They are so satisfying on a banana or in a spoonful for dessert. After I go through a jar, I save the jar and the lid, clean it and reuse it for all my container needs. For example, a place to keep my bulk oats, to drink my to go iced coffee from my favorite cafe, or my favorite, it’s small enough to take on a plane to use instead of the three plastic cups full of water you will probably be offered! I love the size of the nut butter jar because sometimes a water bottle or even a travel mug just doesn’t feel right.

3. All treadmill workout

If you thought going to the gym guaranteed an all body work out, you can actually just use a single treadmill to work out all your muscles. Don’t believe me? Get this. Run for 30 minutes as your cardio. After you run, turn the speed down to a fast walk and up the incline as much as you can handle. Then as you walk, incorporate arm exercises like arm circles and bicep curls. After you feel the burn in your arms, you can move to core. Hold onto the treadmill and as you walk do thigh lifts, being mindful of using your core muscles. After a few rounds of this, it’s lunge time! Slow down your treadmill almost to a snail’s pace so you can lunge. Put one foot in front of the other after each lunge. The beauty of lunging on a treadmill is that you don’t have to wander all over the gym trying to get your lunges in.


4. Push yourself on everyday walks

This is a huge one! We all wear sneakers and in theory have the capability of using them to our advantage. Next time you walk to work or even to the grocery store on the weekend, wear your sneakers on purpose so you can get your heart rate up a little and preserve your feet.

5. Water

I promise you the reminders are true. As ubiquitous and maybe annoying as they may be, staying hydrated is key. Think of it this way. You are made up almost entirely of water, so why not keep your stock plentiful and never low. Water helps with full body functioning. All of our organs benefit from it, including our skin and large intestines. The buzz words! A hydrated large intestine means an easier time going to the bathroom! Water, drink it.

Over all, these tips just scratch the surface of wellness and all of them are up for interpretation. It is important however, to always keep an open mind and never stop informing yourself on how to become a better you.

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