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How to Write a Mass Media Article on Barefoot Running

Posted on September 04 2009

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You’ve probably noticed that articles on barefoot and minimalist running are starting to pop up all over the place these days. While I’m happy that the phenomenon is being covered, most of the mass media articles I’ve read follow a sort of boilerplate formula. With that in mind, I’ve decided to make their job a little easier by providing a step-by-step guide on writing an article about barefoot running. Here goes:

Step 1: Find a barefoot runner.

Step 2: Run with them once.

Step 3: Comment on how it feels weird and causes people to look at you funny.

Step 4: Complain that your feet/legs hurt afterward.

Step 5: Find a skeptical podiatrist/doctor.

Step 6: Publish a quote from said doctor about how barefoot running is dangerous.

Step 7: Attempt to contact shoe company representative.

Step 8: Act surprised when they decline to comment. If they do comment, publish link to article they cite that really doesn’t prove any scientific point about the value of running shoes.

Step 9: Publish nostalgic quote from barefoot runner about how it’s the natural way to run.

Step 10: Leave reader confused about where you stand on the issue.

There you have it – follow these simple steps and you too can write an article on barefoot running that might get published in a major magazine or newspaper.

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