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I’m Back.

Posted on July 07 2010

It’s definitely been a while, but today I went on the first run that was worthy of a post in a long time.

It’s not that I fell out of love with running, my body and mind were desperately in need of a rest after a long track season. Getting back into it was hard, although running on the beach in Sardegna wasn’t bad at all. Those runs though, despite being beautiful and new didn’t give me that euphoric running feeling, they didn’t remind me why I love running; today’s run did. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful run, a decently wide gravel road that follows a river upstream. Even though I went at 6:30 in the evening, the temperature was still upward of 33 degrees celcius (around 92 farenheit) and humidity was around 80%…definitely not perfect running conditions. The worst part about the temperature though was the tricks it was playing on me; in the shade there was no sun, but the surrounding trees trapped in the humidity and made it impossible to breathe, whereas in the sun there was a nice fresh, almost chilling breeze coming from the river. So the obvious dilemma here is that I could either run in the sun and get burnt but I’d get a nice breeze to keep me cool, or run in the shade and have a hard time breathing the thick air but at least have some protection from the scorching sun. I ended up switching sides of the road every couple minutes but even with that, I probably sweat a gallon or two, my shuffle stopped working from all the sweat that got into it (Lovely, I know). Luckily after leaving it in the sun for a couple hours it dried out but I’ll have to find a way to wrap it tomorrow to prevent it from freezing up again.

I feel like I’ve left some things unsaid about my last season as a Lynbrook Viking; track didn’t go as well as I had hoped, once again like last year I started out well, got sick, fell out of rhythm and just couldn’t get back into it. Aside from my sickness though there were a few difference between XC and Track this year, the primary difference was that I wasn’t as good with getting to bed in time and that I didn’t get in a good base before the track season. During Cross Country I was in bed by 11, 11:30 at the latest every night but during track I was pushing 12:30 or 1 almost every night. That is going to change this coming Cross Country season, slowly at first, but soon I’ll get into a good rhythm and even though I’m sure I’ll be very busy I’ll find a way to make it work. As for the base, before last years XC season I started running around mid July, the 19th or 20th I think, this year I started running on the 1st of July, which is still a week or two later than I should have started but a pretty significant improvement from last year. I’ll make the rest of this summer count and give whatever I have to make sure my first season as a Bronco is nothing short of amazing.

Back to today’s run; I ran about 42 minutes and about the same distance as yesterday (though yesterday was 47 minutes) so I’m definitely feeling better, I was still holding back a little bit because I don’t want to do too much too soon but I’m aiming to get in a 65-70 minute run some time this week, probably Thursday. The internet here is way too slow to upload a picture for this post but I’ll be in the city tomorrow so I should be able to get uploaded either to a new post or edit this one.

So there it is, the recap of my first week of solid running this summer. I’m definitely back into the swing of things and I can’t wait to get back home and visit the likes of Windy Hill, Russian Ridge, and of course, Black Mountain – the whole way this time, parking lot to vista point and back. I hope the rest of my guys are running back at home because nothing would make me happier than having my team by my side through the ups and downs of a summer filled with hard and arduous training, to share the pain and the joy of the simplest and purest sport of them all.

People who run, run with their legs; Runners run with their hearts.

Woh Bundy.

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