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I’m Back.

Posted on January 14 2010

It’s been a while. I don’t have anything to write just yet, but tomorrow I’m going on my first 10 miler of the season, and trust me, I’ll be back.

How do I know I’ll be back? Well I was supposed to ref a game tomorrow at 3:45, but when deciding on whether I’d rather run or ref…well here’s the email I sent to the ref coordiantor.

Hey —–,
I’m sorry to inform that I caught the flu after yesterday’s game and I doubt I’ll be able to ref tomorrow. I wanted to wait until tonight to see if I felt better but I don’t want to get the kids sick. Could you please remove me from game 103.

Thank you and sorry for the short notice,
Luca Signore

I’ll be back tomorrow after I get over “being sick” for ten miles.


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