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I Miss It.

Posted on October 13 2009

Everything about it.

I just want to be back in Hawaii, there’s no other way to explain it. I want to wake up in room 866 with my team.

I miss having nothing to worry about, I miss living for the moment, I miss it all.

Life here sucks, I have to admit it. Having to wake up every morning at 7 just to sit at school for 5 hours, learning nothing useful. To be honest I’ve learned so much more from Hawaii and XC than I have from school. Maybe knowing calculus will get you to college, but it’s the life lessons that allow you live beyond that. It’s more than numbers and letters, it’s about learning how to laugh, love, and live.

We shared plenty of laughs; too many to count even, every little thing was fun. We came together as more than a team, we became a family, and we learned how to love each other and accept our differences. And finally we learned how to live, we learned how to be independent; independent from our parents and teachers, we learned how to live together, and boy did we live during those four days.

It hits me every once in a while, I look outside and then I look inside, I look around me and find scattered remnants of the trip, and then I look inside me, and all I find is love; love for cross country, love for the family, and love for Hawaii.

I’ve been slowly realizing it, we don’t have much time left. In 5 weeks CCS will be over and XC might be over for the LHS XC boys. But that’s our choice, if we choose to be average, it’ll be over. But if we choose to be great, we’ll have one more trip, one more chance to suit up, one more chance to cross the finish line, and this time it will be the real finish line; the end of the road, the last race.

We can do it, we know we can. Remember how we felt in Hawaii; remember the high from the fun, and remember the low from losing the race.

One race is all it takes, one race where we go all out, where we hold nothing back, where we forget the pain and run for the love it.


Woh Bundy.

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